About Otbor Toys

Bringing Nature Back into play

We help young families provide a healthy play environment for their children with our natural, handcrafted, and sustainable toys.

More than a toy

Do you remember that toy?

The one you had as a child, gifted by your favorite Auntie, or chosen as you wandered around the treasure trove of your local toy store. 

The toy that had to sleep in bed with you at night.

The toy that was your constant companion through morning Teddy Bear’s Picnics, and afternoon romps through the forest making dens.

The toy that you clung to in unfamiliar circumstances.

The toy that snuck its way into your suitcase when you went off to University.

That sat on your shelf, reminding you of home, and simpler times climbing trees, as you pored over books and papers.

The toy that ended up packed away in a box when you moved into your first home, waiting. Until you reverently unwrapped it, and placed it in the nursery, resting your hands on your bump.

The toy that you handed to your own bundle of joy, watching as their eyes lit up in delight.

And you knew the cycle would start again.

You saw ahead of these two days laying in dappled sunlight, telling stories and imagining castles, going on adventures and snuggling under a blanket as the sun set.

Kris kissing Titi square

That toy?

Toys hold our precious memories. Memories that we want to share with our children.

“Toys are children’s words and play is their language.”

The very best toys are those that last generations, Sprinkling their history of love and imagination into the mind of the next generation, through their slightly worn features and well-loved surfaces.

Otbor Toys are these toys


They are toys that fit into the beautiful minimalism of your home, toys that will delight adults as much as little ones.


They are toys that last a lifetime, a companion through childhood and into adulthood, ready to be passed on to the next generation.


They are toys that harness the power of natural materials, from sustainable forests, through the skilled hands of traditional Bulgarian craftsmen. Making sure the planet is cared for.


And they are toys that spark creativity. Rather than dictate what and how your children should play, Otbor Toys are the key to unlocking their imagination – gifting them a companion they can build stories and adventures around.

open ended play with wooden toys

All of our toys are handcrafted

From the choice of wood through processing and assembly, right up to packaging.

That’s why we can guarantee that our toys are the softest and smoothest you’ve ever touched.

Our childhood memories are priceless,
and we’d give anything to be able to keep them forever.

Otbor Toys are toys made to create and keep childhood memories.

We are a team
of parents and craftsmen

The two things we love the most – children and nature.
Otbor toys unite this love.

Our toys are designed based on knowledge of child development, and experience of how children play.
And handcrafted by experts in woodworking.

Our natural toys and the magic of independent play support your child’s development.

They encourage your children out into the world, away from enticing screens, and let them follow their imagination.

Toto becomes a pirate navigating the seas in search of treasure. 
And then tomorrow, a Queen, ruling over her subjects – the teddy bears – with fairness (as long as they bring her biscuits!).

Gift your little one the magic of open-ended play!

open ended play with wooden cars
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