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  • Dino the Woodesaur

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    Bring the Jurassic era to life with Dino 

    Handmade, unique wooden dinosaur toy made from sustainable maple wood.
    Designed to inspire hours of imaginative play, Dino features moving legs and intricate details that encourage creativity and cognitive development.
    Each toy is handcrafted with care and is truly one-of-a-kind, making it a special gift for any child.
    Made from sustainable materials, it’s also a great choice for parents who are committed to reducing their carbon footprint.

  • Sea Turtle toy – Wooden Tortuga


    A Spin for Ocean Lovers with Benefits Beyond the Sea

    For the ocean lovers and curious minds, discover Wooden Tortuga, your tactile portal to the deep blue. Meticulously handcrafted from sustainable wood, it’s not just a nod to our planet’s beauty, but a commitment to its future. But the magic doesn’t stop at its aesthetics; every spin enhances fine motor skills and boosts hand-eye coordination. The toy’s intricate design and smooth motion offer both a visual delight and a therapeutic touch experience. Beyond the fun, it’s a tool for growth, honing concentration and fostering cognitive development. With Wooden Tortuga, you’re not only introducing a world of oceanic wonder but also equipping your little one with skills that ripple into every aspect of life. Dive into a whirl of benefits!

  • Wooden Shell Snail

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    All kids’ favourite Wooden Shell Snail

    Introducing our Wooden Shell Snail, a tactile treat crafted in elegant maple with a choice of cherry or walnut shell accents. This spinner isn’t just about a slow and soothing journey; it’s about nurturing hand-eye coordination and refining fine motor skills. As you watch its gentle dance, experience the fusion of craftsmanship and cognitive growth. A delightful and eco-friendly companion, the Wooden Shell Snail is more than a toy — it’s an eco-conscious gesture, an ode to skillful play, and a heartwarming gift for the little explorers. 🍃🐌🌀

  • WooDucky fidget spinner toy


    Keeping Little Hands Busy and Happy! Quack-Quack!

    Handmade, charming wooden duck spinner toy crafted from sustainable maple wood. This little spinner is designed to ignite countless hours of imaginative play. WooDucky boasts a delightful spinning feature and detailed craftsmanship that stimulate creativity and cognitive growth. Ideal to keep little hands busy, every WooDucky is handcrafted with precision, standing out as a genuinely unique toy, making it an ideal present for any child. Crafted from eco-friendly materials, WooDucky is also a top pick for parents dedicated to lessening their environmental impact.

  • wooden dog toy standingwooden dog toy playing pose

    Dach The Wooden Dog

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    Man’s best friend – without the cleanup!

    Sitting by the front door, tail wagging faster than the speed of light, someone’s waiting to go on an adventure!

    Bring our adorable wooden dachshund into your home and you’ll have a friend for life. The perfect size for little hands to grab, Dach’s moveable legs and floppy ears will promote him to favourite toy immediately. 

    • Montessori and Waldorf-inspired. 
    • Handmade with all-natural materials.
    • Helps develop motor skills

    Your child’s best friend, ready and waiting.

  • cute wooden dog pull and push toycute wooden dog pull and push toy

    Robo Dach The Wooden Robot Dog


    The fastest dog in the West!

    A speedy best friend who can keep up with the fastest racing car – Robo Dach is your companion as you race through forests, playparks, and between the legs of adults talking in the kitchen

    Harness the power of imagination on 4 wheels with our tiny Dachsunnd – the perfect size for little hands to grab. 

    • Montessori and Waldorf-inspired. 
    • Handmade with all-natural materials.
    • Helps develop motor skills

    His tail is wagging, ready to play with you!

  • Sale! Dach and Titi Christmas Present wooden toysDach and Titi Christmas Present wooden toys

    Special Christmas Present Box – Titi and Dach

    Regular Price: Christmas Sale: 57,50 

    Titi and her best friend Dach can’t wait to surprise your special one!
    Order now and get them before Christmas with 50% discount and Free Shipping

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