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  • Wooden robot toy sittingRoro the wooden robot sitting in the nature

    Roro The Wooden Robot Toy

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    Meet Roro, our original sustainable toy.

    Give your little one the perfect companion to unlock their imagination and inspire endless play. 

    Ready for anything, you’ll find him scaling the side of a fallen tree trunk to discover the ants scurrying through the bark.

    Or clinging to a homemade raft as he navigates the shark-infested puddle and makes his way to a safe harbor.

    He’s soft enough to snuggle up with as your child dreams of the adventures they’ve been on together.

    • Montessori and Waldorf-inspired. 
    • Handmade with all-natural materials.
    • The perfect size for little hands.

    Invite Roro into your family.

  • handmade wooden robots Bobo form maple wood and cherry woodWooden toys sitting

    Bobo The Wooden Robot


    Help your toddler develop with our toddler!

    Who is more fearless than a toddler? 

    If your little one is always looking for adventure, then Bobo is their perfect partner in crime. 

    Setting traps for fairies, peeking out from behind a stile, Bobo is ready to turn every nature walk into an adventure.

    Bravest of the brave, this little robot and your little one will quickly be inseparable.

    • Montessori and Waldorf-inspired. 
    • Handmade with all-natural materials.
    • Inspire open-ended play with Bobo.
  • cute wooden robot toy, handmade and all-natural, made by maple wood and cottonWooden robot toys and car

    Titi Cute Wooden Robot Sister

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    Is your little one always off on an adventure?

    They need a pint-sized robot friend ready for full-sized fun!

    Titi is the buddy you reach for when you head off to the bottom of the garden to search for butterflies.

    She’s the loving comforter when you’re feeling sad and need to curl up with a book.

    • Montessori and Waldorf-inspired. 
    • Handmade with all-natural materials.
    • Safe for chewing


    Start loving Titi!

  • wooden robot toy from maple wood and cotton

    Toto The Wooden Robot Brother


    Unlock their imagination

    With Toto sat on your shelf, there’ll be no calls of “I’m bored!” Instead, your little one skips off into the playroom with ideas running through their head.

    Like the rest of our robot family, Toto is designed for sensory learning. And he’ll bring his sweet nature to any game that occurs. 

    Get ready to serve up a toy picnic with Toto as the guest of honour – complete with cake!

    • Montessori and Waldorf-inspired. 
    • Handmade with all-natural materials.
    • Non-toxic and safe to chew

    Start a lifetime of adventures!

  • cute wooden baby robot, made from maple wood and cottonWooden robot toy and wooden dog toy in kids room

    Biba The Baby Wooden Robot

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    Good things come in small packages!

    Forget the big, brash toys that fill up your living room and never get played with. You need simple toys that spark imagination.

    Meet Biba – the smallest member of our robot gang. She’s always ready to jump in your pocket and head off on an adventure.

    A tiny baby sister, she’s happy curled up in the playroom with a book, or sitting the cutest of woodland dens.

    • Montessori and Waldorf-inspired. 
    • Handmade with all-natural materials.
    • Helps develop motor skills

    Keep it simple, keep it small with Biba.

  • Sale! Dach and Titi Christmas Present wooden toysDach and Titi Christmas Present wooden toys

    Special Christmas Present Box – Titi and Dach

    Regular Price: Christmas Sale: 57,50 

    Titi and her best friend Dach can’t wait to surprise your special one!
    Order now and get them before Christmas with 50% discount and Free Shipping

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