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For making our toys we use hardwood. Maple, Cherry, Ash, Walnut, and Beech are our first choices, all these trees are used for children’s toys for centuries. All of them are eatable and safe for chewing. Hardwood is super durable and long-lasting. We will not mention how beautiful they are, you can see by yourself 🙂

For a finish, we use only natural and certified for children (EN 71-3) oils and wax. They are absolutely safe for children, animals, and the environment.

Our products are made in Bulgaria, EU. Our wood is only sourced from sustainably managed forests in Europe. All of the toys are handmade by Didi the owner and creator of Otbor toys and with the guidance and help of one of the best Craftsmen – Ivan Chalakov and Stelyan Stelyanov a.k.a Mr.STU.

The open-ended play has many benefits. It has great cognitive benefits such as enhancing imaginative play, increased creativity, turn-taking, language, and numeracy skills. It allows children to have some autonomy in their play and helps with learning to play independently.

If you want to remove dirt from our products, simply wipe gently with a damp cloth and a little soapy water (if necessary). When drying, do not place on the heater, otherwise, cracks may occur in the wood. Allow it to dry at room temperature. Please never clean our toys with disinfectant, hot water, or similar! After drying polish it with a cotton cloth till it gets shiny again and the natural oils will the rest.

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Yes, we do. We work with two international shipping companies that provide tracking and can ship worldwide within the usual timeframes. See our example delivery options here

Otbor Toys is happy to accept back any unwanted items supplied to consumers for a refund, within 28 days of the purchase date. You can see about our return policy here