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  • Dino the Woodesaur

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    Bring the Jurassic era to life with Dino 

    Handmade, unique wooden dinosaur toy made from sustainable maple wood.
    Designed to inspire hours of imaginative play, Dino features moving legs and intricate details that encourage creativity and cognitive development.
    Each toy is handcrafted with care and is truly one-of-a-kind, making it a special gift for any child.
    Made from sustainable materials, it’s also a great choice for parents who are committed to reducing their carbon footprint.

  • Sea Turtle toy – Wooden Tortuga


    A Spin for Ocean Lovers with Benefits Beyond the Sea

    For the ocean lovers and curious minds, discover Wooden Tortuga, your tactile portal to the deep blue. Meticulously handcrafted from sustainable wood, it’s not just a nod to our planet’s beauty, but a commitment to its future. But the magic doesn’t stop at its aesthetics; every spin enhances fine motor skills and boosts hand-eye coordination. The toy’s intricate design and smooth motion offer both a visual delight and a therapeutic touch experience. Beyond the fun, it’s a tool for growth, honing concentration and fostering cognitive development. With Wooden Tortuga, you’re not only introducing a world of oceanic wonder but also equipping your little one with skills that ripple into every aspect of life. Dive into a whirl of benefits!

  • Wooden Shell Snail

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    All kids’ favourite Wooden Shell Snail

    Introducing our Wooden Shell Snail, a tactile treat crafted in elegant maple with a choice of cherry or walnut shell accents. This spinner isn’t just about a slow and soothing journey; it’s about nurturing hand-eye coordination and refining fine motor skills. As you watch its gentle dance, experience the fusion of craftsmanship and cognitive growth. A delightful and eco-friendly companion, the Wooden Shell Snail is more than a toy — it’s an eco-conscious gesture, an ode to skillful play, and a heartwarming gift for the little explorers. 🍃🐌🌀

  • WooDucky fidget spinner toy


    Keeping Little Hands Busy and Happy! Quack-Quack!

    Handmade, charming wooden duck spinner toy crafted from sustainable maple wood. This little spinner is designed to ignite countless hours of imaginative play. WooDucky boasts a delightful spinning feature and detailed craftsmanship that stimulate creativity and cognitive growth. Ideal to keep little hands busy, every WooDucky is handcrafted with precision, standing out as a genuinely unique toy, making it an ideal present for any child. Crafted from eco-friendly materials, WooDucky is also a top pick for parents dedicated to lessening their environmental impact.

  • Wooden robot toy sittingRoro the wooden robot sitting in the nature

    Roro The Wooden Robot Toy

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    Meet Roro, our original sustainable toy.

    Give your little one the perfect companion to unlock their imagination and inspire endless play. 

    Ready for anything, you’ll find him scaling the side of a fallen tree trunk to discover the ants scurrying through the bark.

    Or clinging to a homemade raft as he navigates the shark-infested puddle and makes his way to a safe harbor.

    He’s soft enough to snuggle up with as your child dreams of the adventures they’ve been on together.

    • Montessori and Waldorf-inspired. 
    • Handmade with all-natural materials.
    • The perfect size for little hands.

    Invite Roro into your family.

  • handmade wooden robots Bobo form maple wood and cherry woodWooden toys sitting

    Bobo The Wooden Robot


    Help your toddler develop with our toddler!

    Who is more fearless than a toddler? 

    If your little one is always looking for adventure, then Bobo is their perfect partner in crime. 

    Setting traps for fairies, peeking out from behind a stile, Bobo is ready to turn every nature walk into an adventure.

    Bravest of the brave, this little robot and your little one will quickly be inseparable.

    • Montessori and Waldorf-inspired. 
    • Handmade with all-natural materials.
    • Inspire open-ended play with Bobo.
  • cute wooden robot toy, handmade and all-natural, made by maple wood and cottonWooden robot toys and car

    Titi Cute Wooden Robot Sister

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    Is your little one always off on an adventure?

    They need a pint-sized robot friend ready for full-sized fun!

    Titi is the buddy you reach for when you head off to the bottom of the garden to search for butterflies.

    She’s the loving comforter when you’re feeling sad and need to curl up with a book.

    • Montessori and Waldorf-inspired. 
    • Handmade with all-natural materials.
    • Safe for chewing


    Start loving Titi!

  • wooden robot toy from maple wood and cotton

    Toto The Wooden Robot Brother


    Unlock their imagination

    With Toto sat on your shelf, there’ll be no calls of “I’m bored!” Instead, your little one skips off into the playroom with ideas running through their head.

    Like the rest of our robot family, Toto is designed for sensory learning. And he’ll bring his sweet nature to any game that occurs. 

    Get ready to serve up a toy picnic with Toto as the guest of honour – complete with cake!

    • Montessori and Waldorf-inspired. 
    • Handmade with all-natural materials.
    • Non-toxic and safe to chew

    Start a lifetime of adventures!

  • cute wooden baby robot, made from maple wood and cottonWooden robot toy and wooden dog toy in kids room

    Biba The Baby Wooden Robot

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    Good things come in small packages!

    Forget the big, brash toys that fill up your living room and never get played with. You need simple toys that spark imagination.

    Meet Biba – the smallest member of our robot gang. She’s always ready to jump in your pocket and head off on an adventure.

    A tiny baby sister, she’s happy curled up in the playroom with a book, or sitting the cutest of woodland dens.

    • Montessori and Waldorf-inspired. 
    • Handmade with all-natural materials.
    • Helps develop motor skills

    Keep it simple, keep it small with Biba.

  • Natural wooden stones and hemp bagkid building tower of wooden stones

    Wooden Balance Blocks – Tumi Ishi

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    Simplicity is the most inspiring tool we have

    The simplest toys are the best, and the most long-lasting. Tumi Ishi – Japanese for “piled rocks” uses everyday objects to create imaginative games.

    Take our handcrafted balance blocks, made from sustainable wood, and you can build endless different towers.

    Challenge their coordination, problem-solving skills, and creativity with these unique blocks.

    • Montessori and Waldorf-inspired. 
    • Handmade with all-natural materials.
    • Develops motor skills.

    Let your imagination wander

  • 11 wooden trees toyskids playing with wooden toys

    Wooden Trees Sets

    55,00 125,00 

    Bring your own beautiful forest home

    When we talk about bringing nature into play, we really mean it. Our handcrafted wooden trees teach your children about the forest when you can’t get there. 

    Each design is based on the crown of a real forest tree. So your little one can create their very own glade to play in.

    Spark their imagination with a choice of 11 unique trees.

    • Montessori and Waldorf-inspired. 
    • Handmade with all-natural materials.
    • Develops motor skills.

    Who wants to hear another ghost story?

  • Beautiful wooden toy raft and little robot Titibeautiful handmade wooden toy raft

    Wooden Raft for Brave Explorers


    Your desert island escape route – sorted.

    Are you sailing off into the sunset, or escaping an oncoming shark?

    Whatever your adventure, our wooden raft is ready and waiting to carry brave explorers across stormy waves and calm lagoons.

    With a removable sale that helps develop problem-solving skills, this raft unlocks endless imaginative adventures. 

    • Montessori and Waldorf-inspired. 
    • Handmade with all-natural materials.
    • Develops motor skills.

    See where the wind takes you!

  • two handmade wooden toy cars f1 minihandmade wooden toy car from cherry wood

    Wooden Mini Car


    Your pocket racer

    Sometimes all you need is something small to spark an amazing story.

    Our Wooden Mini Car is your emergency toy – the one you whip out from your back pocket to fill an entire afternoon of racing fun!

    Expertly handcrafted for chubby toddler hands, this heritage toy will zoom through forest paths and Grandma’s house, leaving everyone else in its dust.

    • Montessori and Waldorf-inspired. 
    • Handmade with all-natural materials.
    • Develops motor skills.

    Let the races begin!

  • handmade F1 wooden car toyWooden cars and kid palying in the background

    Wooden car F1 McLaren

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    Zoom into the future!

    Are you ready for the kitchen Grand Prix?

    Stage your own championship race with our version of the McLaren MP4/5 car. 

    Designed for smooth movement, balanced wheel rotation, and of course speed, this sustainable car is ready to zoom across any surface. 

    It’ll beat any plastic or metal car. Just make sure to dodge the cat!

    Montessori and Waldorf-inspired. Handmade with all-natural materials.

    Give the gift of speed!

  • two handmade wooden toy cars for toddlersWooden flintstone car on the playground

    Flintstone Wooden Car


    “Yaba Daba Doo!”

    Fred and Wilma’s theme tune is burned into the brain of older Millenials. 

    And our Flintstone car is the sustainable wooden version of the Cavemobile they’d peddle around in.

    Bring the Modern Stone-Age Family into your home, sparking endless imaginative games.

    The shape, weight and natural material of the toy make it perfect for developing coordination and fine motor skills. 

    • Montessori and Waldorf-inspired. 
    • Handmade with all-natural materials.
    • Develops motor skills.

    Dodge the dinosaurs with ease!

  • handmade wooden toy car F1 retro modelkid hand holding wooden toy car

    Wooden Car F1 Lotus 25

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    An ode to the glory days of racing.

    If you prefer the smooth lines and swooping curves of old-school racing, then our version of the 1963 Lotus 25 is made for you.

    Expertly crafted with great inertia and smooth movement, you’ll be bringing a World Champion to the racetrack!

    You could even let your children play with it!

    Perfect for little hands to use, you can pick their favourite colour. Or even bring all 4 home to race against each other.

    • Montessori and Waldorf-inspired. 
    • Handmade with all-natural materials.
    • Develops motor skills.
    • Imaginative play.
    • Perfect for Open-Ended play.

    The race is on!

  • handmade wooden toys cars buses, natural and sustainableKid playing with wooden cars

    Wooden Bus


    Ready for a fun adventure with all your friends? Let’s go on a bus ride! This little wooden toy bus is designed to fit perfectly into the small toddler’s hands. 

    With its simple and fine design, this wooden bus is a great decoration for the shelf in every nursery. The smooth movement of the wheels makes it also a perfect companion for indoor and outdoor games.

    Let your child enjoy the gentle feel of the natural wood in their carefree playtime. 

  • two handmade wooden carshandmade wooden toy car

    Wooden F1 Bolide Car


    Is your garden path ready for 1,825 horsepower?

    Join the ranks of the fastest cars in the world with our version of the Bugatti Bolide.

    Is your toy garage overrun with garish, metal and plastic cars? One’s that get caught in the carpet and break every 5 minutes?

    Our handmade wooden Bolide car is designed to last. And to move fast! It’s blanched wheels, and smooth exterior are perfect for little hands.

    • Montessori and Waldorf-inspired. 
    • Handmade with all-natural materials.
    • Develops motor skills.

    Hold that championship trophy high!

  • Volkswagen beetle, wooden handmade toyswooden cars on boxes

    VW Beetle wooden toy car

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    Peace and love, man.

    Harking back to the tie-dyed world of the 60s, the Volkswagen Beetle was synonymous with anti-war protests in the US.
    We love it for its curvy chassis and adorable headlamps! And our version is the perfect way to introduce the icon to little hands. 

    With perfect balance and smooth wheels, your Beetle could even beat Herbie in a garden path race!
    The shape, weight, and natural material of the toy make it perfect for developing coordination.

    • Montessori and Waldorf-inspired.
    • Handmade with all-natural materials.
    • Develops motor skills.
    • Perfect for Imaginative play.
    • Perfect for Open-ended play.

    Buckle up for your next adventure!

  • Teepee tent toy and wooden robotLinen teepee toy tent

    Teepee Tent For Toy Camp


    Even robots love nights under canvas

    When a den of branches just won’t do, our Teepee Tent gives Roro and his friends a glamping experience!

    Gather the Ro.Bo.Ti. gang around the campfire for toasted marshmallows and songs. 

    Shelter them from rain and forest dew after a tree-climbing adventure. 

    Add to your Otbor collection with this cute little tent.

    • Montessori and Waldorf-inspired. 
    • Handmade with all-natural materials.
    • Develops motor skills.

    Who wants to hear another ghost story?

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